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Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red
Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red

    Giantz 2inch High Flow Water Pump - Black & Red

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      2-inch High Flow Petrol Water Pump

      Featuring 50mm (2") inlet/outlet and a class-leading flow rate of 30,000L/h (500L/min) with a total head of 50m, the hardworking Water Pump is coupled with a powerful 235cc, 3600rpm 4-stroke engine that easily transfers water up to four storeys high with minimum fuss.

      With the Water Pump's centrifugal pump and superior impeller design, pump discharge loss is reduced. The suction entry on both sides of the impeller provides an axial balance to the impeller, which offers full range pump performance linear to engine throttle.

      The motor assembly is housed in an anti-corrosive tubular steel frame. Not least, ceramic and carbon seals offer great durability and longlasting use. A convenient sized 4.5L fuel tank means it can run for hours on a single fill (load dependent).

      Other great features include a 100% duty cycle that's designed for continuous operation, an ultra-fine air filter, easy start pull system, shock-absorbing and noise-reducing rubber feet and bonus hose fittings and inlet filter for a hassle-free setup.


      * 8hp high flow petrol water pump

      * Flow rate of 30,000 L/h (500L/min)

      * Anti-corrosive alloy pump housing

      * Ceramic and carbon seals

      * Full 50mm (2") inlet / outlet

      * Solid impeller

      * Gearless direct drive

      * 100% duty cycle

      * Easy start pulling system

      * Bonus hose fittings and inlet filter

      * Anti-shocking and noise-reducing rubber feet

      * Ultra-fine air filter


      * Brand: Giantz

      * Engine type: 4-stroke, OHV, Air-cooled

      * Engine power: 8hp

      * Displacement: 235cc

      * Flowing volume: 30,000L/hour (500L/min)

      * Fuel capacity: 4.5L

      * Fuel type: Regular unleaded 95+ RON

      * Engine oil type: 10W-30/ 10W-40/ 15W-30/ 15W-40 non synthetic engine oil (not included in purchase)

      * Speed: 3,600rpm

      * Output size: 50mm (2")

      * Input size: 50mm (2")

      * Lift: 50m

      * Suction: 8m

      * Colour: Black and Red

      Package Content

      1 x Giantz Water Pump

      2 x Hose Fitting

      1 x Inlet Filter

      1 x Assemble Tool

      3 x Hose Clip

      1 x User Manual

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        Statutory conditions and warranties also apply.

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